June 20


If you've read my About Me page, or have been reading my blog posts, you might know quite a bit about me already. However, there are always a few hidden gems that you may never find about someone because they just don't happen to come up. Therefore, I've tried to dig up a few of these gems for you. Enjoy!

Fran Whitaker of The Happy journals

I'm Fran Whitaker and here are my twenty-nine completely random facts about me:

  • I am a Gemini - born on 16th June 1985 (Father’s Day)
  • I live in the countryside, overlooking glorious green fields, and sheep.
  • I'm always trying to do everything I can to make sure I am ready to conquer the world every single day. This includes looking after my body, my skin, and basically look great. I only try and look great for me, though. I couldn’t care less what anyone else thinks 🙂
  • My life is fuelled by coffee. I aim to give it up one day. But, not today.
  • I always wear odd socks. Without fail.
  • I once officially opened a public disabled toilet! Haha - not necessarily the highlight of my career.
  • I’m currently studying five different courses. As a result, my goal is to be fully qualified in three different things by January 2018.
  • Every room in our house has at least one book in it.
  • I’m a big journaling advocate. you’ll notice this!
  • I adore books. you’ll notice this too.
  • I actually have four degrees - the two I spoke about on my About Me page plus an Honorary Doctorate and an Honorary Fellowship.
  • Cheese, peas and chocolate pudding rock. Gold star if you understand this reference.
  • I'm aiming to write my autobiography in the next year.
  • I love writing lists.
  • As a child I lived in Malawi, Africa for five years.
  • I actually like being disabled. Yes, I know, I know, everyone finds this odd. But I think it makes life more interesting.
  • I’ve met the Queen and a former UK Prime Minister.
  • I frequently use positive quotes and affirmations. Almost certainly helping me to reflect on life.
  • I am one of a few people I know who enjoys watching snooker. In fact, I went to the World Championships this year (2017) and have tickets for next year, too. Don’t judge me!
  • I once set myself a challenge to read 144 books in a year. I actually read 155.
  • I've been crowned World Champion five times
  • I live to motivate others.
  • I try and turn off all devices at least once a day for ten minutes and just sit. The power of going back to basics and just being is amazing.
  • I find it very easy to laugh at myself. Life is often too serious - it’s important to find humour daily life
  • One of my favourite words is ‘squiggle’.
  • I refuse to promote products, shops, or services that I haven’t used and love.
  • I've spoken to audiences of over 4000 people, sharing my story. Perhaps this sounds scary but it is actually really fun.
  • Until I met my husband, I used to hide a lot of who I am from the world. Most of all I used to think people would laugh at all my crazy ideas. However, my husband has never laughed once, only encouraged. This has taught me to be free. Hence this blog 🙂
  • It is extremely rare for me to be caught without a pen and piece of paper. In addition, I come armed with a plan and a goal! Plans and goals are the most important things you can own!

I'd love it if you'd like to share any random facts about you in the comments below.

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