Looking for journal inspiration this October? Pick up my 69-page October guided journal today.

Maybe you don't know what to journal, need journal ideas, or want to know how to start a journal. These blue and gold themed journal printables are perfect for getting your thoughts organised and are full of inspirational journal ideas.

The Happy Journals Hello October Journal

Enjoy the month of October with this 69 page guided journal

Whether you love journaling or you've never journaled before in your life (but are tempted), you'll have fun with this month's journal.

Here's what you get in October's 69 page guided journal:

  • An autumn themed layout
  • A calendar so you can map out your month ahead
  • Room for four monthly goals and how you're going to achieve them
  • Room to write your full monthly to-do list
  • A October related word challenge
  • 30 Daily Plan layouts
  • 30 journal pages with standard and different prompts each day.

This is the perfect way to get organised and start recording your life in October.